Covid-19 is a global pandemic that has caused us all to stay home for a while to keep us safe, most people in each country have respected confinement and reduced their exits only for what is necessary, clearly when they do take the recommended precautions.

We all know that to be able to leave it is essential to have a mask that will protect us, we can also wear gloves and we must avoid touching our eyes and mouth. In this situation people have become creative, to the point of designing their own masks following the recommended standards of protection, however, as well as there are some who have made it as simple and unnoticed as possible, there are also those who have taken it to the extreme.

Using materials that had at hand without looking good or not, they have designed their own unusual face masks, then we talk about 10 better than since we saw them stayed in our memory. Exaggeration or caution? We don’t know, but creative if they are.

1.A plastic bag:

That’s right, the first person to see this was a man in Paris, for him it was not an impediment not to have a mask but he simply took a bag and placed it on his head. As simple and fast as it was, I was ready to be fully protected. We hope you have somewhere to breathe! Not only did some just use a plastic bag on their face but they came up with to cover their entire body, it’s never protected enough.

2.A gas mask:

As they read it, this strange face masks gave much to talk about since it was seen in a man in Prague. A little weird, yes, but as preventive as we need it, it soon became popular and now it is more common to see it in the streets. Ten points for this guy for creativity and innovation.

3.A bottle of water:

It sounds complex, but it’s not, you just cut the bottom of the bottle and over there you insert your head and you’ll be protected that simple. A little heavy, maybe, but you’ll have the protection you want. Breathing, though, it won’t exactly be an easy job.

4.Inspired by the Black Plague:

In some places in the world fans of the costumes in these films, they could not miss this opportunity and decided to wear the mask they had. A little creepy but they manage to keep people and the virus away. If you want to scare a little more, dress up in black.

5.Snorkel Mask:

For those who play some sport and have the mask at home, this could be the salvation you’ve been looking for. These people do not care whether or not they will go to practice this sport in the future, for now this is the most beneficial use that can be given. Don’t you have snorkeling? A dive could work too.

6.A wet baby wipe:

This lady only took a damp towel and opened a hole in each side, without a doubt a quick but not very reliable idea. The wet towel may contain alcohol, which is good, but it is a thin material, so it is not recommended. By the way! Remember to throw it in a safe place.

7.Stamped masks:

In this count of strange face masks, we cannot leave the most popular ones on the outside, these are those that are made of fabric very similar to conventional ones but the difference is that those who use it decided to give it a personal touch and sent to make a stamp. We can see from superheroes, from series, from drawings, from anything you can imagine.

8.A bra:

A little crazy, isn’t it? Well, there were some people who thought this might work and with the cup of a big bra they devised masks for the little ones. It’s just cutting it and placing the elastic to hold it. The best? One, they take two.

9.An organizer box:

Don’t have any material on hand to make a mask? Take it easy! This lady shows us that you only need an organizer box or some container where you come in your head and you’re ready. I’m sure you’ll get a few eyes on the street, but the important thing is that you’ll be safe. That said, be very careful with how long you have it, because it won’t be very easy to breathe.

10.Paper bag:

If you don’t have a plastic bag, don’t worry, there are those who decided to use a paper bag. We definitely don’t think it’s very safe, but these guys think maybe it is, so we wanted to show it to you.

These were some of the most amazing; there will probably be some left out there that we haven’t seen yet. But if there’s one thing we’re sure of, it’s that in times of pandemic people don’t stop using their imagination and end up creating things that will make us talk about them.

Most of the unusual face masks were created in the first few weeks of the pandemic when people needed to leave home for shopping because they thought the food would run out, as they had no masks was time to look for solutions, luckily there were no problems with food but these photos remained for us to laugh a little bit of the occurrences of people in times of pandemic.

All these strange face masks will be etched in history and in our minds, proving that a person can do anything to leave the house and that not having a surgical mask will never be a reason not to leave.

Don’t forget that the theme of Covid 19 is something important, try to wear only masks that ensure your protection and that of your family, if possible, do not go out and stay at home. Remember that being away is what will prevent the spread from being even greater.


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