MLM or Multi Level Marketing companies are also referred to as Pyramid Marketing, Referral Marketing or network marketing. This sort of business model offers the seller multiple levels of compensation: suppose you are a seller, and you recruit another seller, you get a share of the proceeds not only of your own sales but also the sales of the person or persons you recruited. We look at some of the top MLM marketing companies.

1. Amway

This is one of the best known MLM companies, with one of the largest territorial networks spread over 100 countries. The company sells a wide range of products ranging from personal care to home care, jewelry to cosmetics, and water purifiers to dietary supplements. Founded in 1949, and is a successful privately owned company with a worldwide reputation for quality products. Members can generate income from items they sell, individuals they recruit and also overall sales volumes that they generate.

2. Tupperware

Also a very well known MLM company, Tupperware is almost synonymous with plastic, airtight storage and serving containers. It was first started as a means of empowering women after the Second World War when they were being told to “go back to the kitchen???. Tupperware parties that take place at community, home, school and workplace levels are a means of selling these products.

3. Herbalife

With weight loss being the multibillion dollar business that it is, Herbalife has become another highly successful MLM company. Their weight management, skin care and nutrition products create employment for thousands of people worldwide and has a retail sales turnover of US$5.1 billion. Their product line includes meal replacements, protein shakes and snacks, energy and fitness supplements as well as personal care products.

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4. Avon and Other Cosmetic Companies

Cosmetic companies such as Avon, Mary Kay, Oriflame and other become highly popular with stay at home women, partly employed individuals and others looking to supplement their incomes. Typically these companies publish a monthly catalogue which their sellers hand out to friends, family and other customers, who make their selections and place orders.

 5. LegalShield

This MLM company offers legal services products for sale in North America. They sell pre paid legal plans through their network of law firms. This MLM Company is unique in the way that it operates as well as the kind of products it offers for sale; however it is one of the most successful MLM companies during the year 2012.


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