Is your truck having performance issues? Whether you experience issues driving your GMC Sierra or have a warning light illuminated, find out how you can access free repair guides and other resources. From mass air flow sensor problems to loose gas caps and other common issues, explore ways to diagnose sensor problems and when to replace your pickup truck auto parts.

How To Diagnose Sensor Problems in Your GMC Sierra

Your truck has a series of sensors connected to the powertrain control module. These sensors communicate important information about the functioning of your vehicle. They not only monitor systems, but also send information that adjusts fuel injection and other features.

The best way to diagnose sensor problems is to use an OBD-II scanner. You can pick one up or have your truck tested at your local auto parts store. These scanners read your powertrain control module and identify the specific sensor that is damaged or sending an error message.

Common sensors that have problems are gas cap sensors, oxygen sensors, mass air flow sensors and throttle position sensors. The easiest fix is a loose gas cap. Because this lets out fumes from your gas tank, it will signal a warning message on your dash. Before attempting any other repair check to see that your gas cap is tight.

The other sensors affect the performance of your engine. You may experience reduced fuel economy and horsepower if you have a damaged oxygen or mass air flow sensor. An ineffective throttle position sensor can cause your engine to stumble or hesitate as you try to accelerate. Find out when it’s time to replace your GMC Sierra auto parts and where to go for affordable OEM or aftermarket replacement parts.

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When To Replace Your GMC Sierra Auto Parts

The most common sign that you need new auto parts is your check engine light. This warning indicator is linked to your powertrain control module and alerts you to a potential issue. An illuminated check engine light could be a sign of a damaged sensor or an actual performance issue.

Stop by your local auto parts store if your check engine light is on or if you notice any changes in fuel economy, horsepower or other areas. An OBD-II scan can narrow your search for affected parts and help you find the exact sensor or wiring issue that is causing the error message.

Sometimes all it takes is a new sensor to restore your GMC. Other times, your check engine warning light is a sign that you need extensive engine, transmission or powertrain control module repairs. It’s difficult to determine without first reading the error code and then inspecting the affected area. Look for signs of frayed wires and consider replacing the sensor before determining whether the issue is more serious.

Work with your auto parts technician or shop online to find new auto parts to restore your truck. Find out how to solve common maintenance issues by searching for free repair guides online. Review the Sierra firing orders repair guide and other excellent resources to maintain your favorite truck.


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